wink blink

about me, blink the bee

Hiya I’m Blink the Bee and I remember anything you tell me! I’ve made my hive inside your favorite messaging app— Available now on 

It’s my job to make sure you busy human bees stay on top of things. You can think of me as a buddy that’s always around helping you remember things. Learn more

make a list

Text me stuff and I’ll start a list for you. People say I’m super convenient and easy to use. Learn more

stay on top of your to-do's

With me, it's easy to remember what's on your list with daily texts.  You can change or add more times anytime by swiping left in my help menu. 

be on time

I can also do one-time reminders. Text me things that are time sensitive and I’ll send you a reminder at the time you specify.

try me on messenger or KIK