wink blink


What are you, Blink?

I’m a productivity chatbot who helps you remember things! 

Are you human? Is this an app?

Nope! I'm a bee who became a chatbot!


How do I change or turn off the daily text?

To change your daily text time, type ? then scroll right to Daily Texts. Tap "change times" change your time! To turn off the daily text, select the off button.


Are you free?

Yes! No download or purchases needed!

Can blink set specific reminders? 

Yes, Text me things like “walk dog tomorrow 5pm” or “call mom in 3 hrs”. I’ll add them to your list ​and remind you at the specific time. 

How do I delete items?

To delete a list item, simply type the number of the item (e.g. 3 or 5).

You can also type multiple numbers seperated by spaces in one line to delete multiple items at once (e.g. 3 4 5). Check out my other commands by typing ?

Can I make a list with other people?

Yes! On Messenger, type ? scroll to the B-link section. Tap "Try it Out!" and share the link with your friends. On Kik, simply @blinkthebee in your group conversations.

Can I make a different list?

Not at the moment. Though if you would like to start over, just tell me "delete list"


How do I stop making lists?

You can’t haha! I’m a list-making chatbot, so it’s in my nature!


Does Blink have an Instagram?

Yep! Find Blink on Instagram @blinkthebee.

I found a bug!

Oh no! Describe the bug to us through Feedback on Blink or email us at We promise to get it fixed, quick!

How do I unsubscribe?

Sorry things didn't work out! To unsubscribe, type ? and scroll to the right. You should see the option to unsubscribe.

try me on messenger or KIK