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Your Very Own Facebook Messenger Personal Assistant

Do you live in the fast lane, always on the move, juggling a dozen things at once? How many times do forget to buy milk on your way home or even forget a dentist appointment? With a talking reminder app, you can make Facebook Messenger your personal assistant!

How’s that possible?

You use Messenger on a daily basis right? You send texts more often than you make calls. What if we told you that you can text your very own personal assistant as easily as you would text a friend?

And the best part?

Your Facebook Messenger personal assistant will text you back, reminding you about the things you need to do.

Meet Blink the Bee, your personal assistant on Facebook Messenger!

Not another app!

If you think that Blink is just another app that will use up your valuable storage space, you’re in for a surprise. Blink is integrated within Facebook Messenger. In other words, your personal assistant is not an additional app but instead lives in the Messenger.

Not an ordinary chatbot

While texting Blink is a lot of fun, this cute chatbot is here to make you remember everything! It’s your personal chatbot reminder. Communicating with Blink is as easy as sending a text. Oh wait – you actually communicate with Blink via simple texts, only Blink automatically memorizes your text as a reminder and makes sure you don’t forget it.

Time & space-saving little bee

With Blink, you don’t have to switch to another app when you want to create a reminder. You simply text Blink and he will create the reminder for you! In this way, you can automatically create and build a numbered list through simple texting!

Since Blink lives in the Messenger, it doesn’t use extra space on your phone that other reminder apps would. Text Blink about a tune you want to download and don’t worry about having enough space to actually download it!

Buzzing free & no download

Blink is a cute friendly reminder chatbot that you can have for free! Unlike other virtual assistants, you don’t have to download it. Simply say Hi to Blink and he’ll text you right back asking you how he can help.

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