Meet the New Virtual Assistant on Facebook Messenger

Do you use messaging apps more than regular texts and even more than social networks? According to a recent report, with 1.2 billion monthly active users, Messenger is the most popular messaging app nowadays. Are you among those who use it every day to get in touch with friends, family, and coworkers? There is also someone who you can talk to you like a friend – your very own new virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger.

A virtual assistant or a chatbot is integrated into a chat app and can find information for you, remind you about upcoming tasks and connect you with your friends. It keeps you in the loop and helps you be more productive. 

How does a chatbot work?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems. A chatbot is like a virtual help desk. Ranging from functional to fun, chatbots can provide a variety of services. They are integrated into your chat app.

Now you don’t need to download individual apps. Just send a text to your new virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger and say what it is you need. The chatbot will text you right back. 

What can it do?

Did you go out last night with your crew and have a blast? Your very own virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger is there to remind you if you need to pay a friend back for that last round of drinks. 

There are plenty of different chatbots available. A single chatbot can handle thousands of chats simultaneously. Your personal assistant on Messenger can help you pick out groceries or an outfit. You could easily schedule a hairdo, get flight and destination information, order takeout or make payments and dinner arrangements. The possibilities are endless.

A chatbot with a personality

Your little helper has a few more tricks up its sleeve. It can answer questions and complete tasks. And it has a personality. Your new virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger could be polite, ironic, optimistic with a humorous streak or nerdy.

If your personal assistant is a learning chatbot, the more you interact with it, the cleverer he’ll get. Above all, it is intuitive and awesomely helpful.

Reach people with your new virtual assistant Facebook Messenger

You no longer need to search for items or people you want to get in contact with. All you need to do is reach out to the virtual assistant of your choice, and it will reach them for you. 

Engaging and approachable, a chatbot can connect users to their friends and companies to their customers, offering them interactive and user-friendly experience.

Meet Blink the Bee!

Blink the Bee is a cute new virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger you’ll fall in love with! You don’t have to download it. Just say Hi to Blink and wait for his reply. He will ask you how he can help. 

Surely he can! Whatever it is that you need to remember, just text him. Blink will create a reminder and make sure you don’t forget it! 

Get a buzz out of your working Bee

Forget about impersonal to-do lists! Blink the Bee is resourceful, friendly and engaging. He will get you organized in no time and encourage you to develop healthy habits. This lovable mascot will also cheer you up or make you laugh along the way! You’ll get a new funny friend you’d want to hang around.

Send your friend a Blink

Blink the Bee remembers anything for you. Want to prompt your friend to buy those concert tickets you talked about before they get sold out? Blink will remind them for you! 

Your handy new virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger will keep your to-do list private unless you want to share it with someone. With a special B-link feature, you can easily forward specific list items to a friend, your significant other or family member on Messenger. This way you can remember things together! 

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