Benefits of Chatbots for Consumers and Companies

A Facebook Messenger response assistant can greatly improve your online experience if you’re a consumer, but can also greatly improve the business of your company. So, here are some Facebook response assistant examples of how chatbots improve customer experience and company revenue.

Constant availability

Let’s begin with perks chatbots provide to end users. The most important advantage of chatbots is the 24-hour availability. This means that, no matter the time zone you are in, and no matter the time of day, there is always assistance at hand, if needed. So, forget being put on hold when calling a call center, as chatbots are the future, and they never keep you waiting.

Immediate response

Not only is there no waiting when trying to get in touch with a chatbot, but there is also no waiting for a response. As soon as you enter your question, you will receive the answer instantaneously.

This fact is extremely important in the fast-paced world we live in, and it is just one of the Facebook response assistant examples that show how chatbots improve the overall customer experience.


When trying to get hold of necessary information through a call center, there is no guarantee that every customer service representative will provide the same, consistent response. On the other hand, the responses provided by chatbots are always consistent and equally helpful, so there is no need to question them.

What’s more, you can always create a record of your conversation with a chatbot, which is rarely the case when talking to a customer service representative. With chatbots, all you need to do is take a screenshot of the conversation, and voila. Everything is easier with a Facebook virtual assistant.

Patience and programmability

Chatbots never lose their temper, unlike some customer service representatives. So, you will never find yourself in a situation where you are dissatisfied with the attitude of a person you are in contact with.

They are also highly programmable, and since chatbots exist on digital platforms, where people spend most of their time, it is relatively easy to program chatbots to arrange your meetings and common everyday responsibilities.

Customer satisfaction

When it comes to perks that companies can attain by including chatbots into their business strategies, the first among Facebook response assistant examples that show the benefits is customer satisfaction.

Because of all the reasons we have already mentioned, clients and potential customers are far more satisfied with chatbots than with customer service. And, with increased customer satisfaction, there comes an increase in business transactions.


Chatbots save money, and a lot of it. Even bearing in mind the higher initial costs of developing a chatbot to suit your specific needs. In the long run, besides low maintenance costs, there is almost no need for additional investments.

Also, chatbots can succeed in dealing with as many customers simultaneously as necessary. Something customer service reps simply cannot handle.


Chatbots interact with customers more frequently. It’s simple why – they are always available and provide instant responses. That means that customers feel more comfortable doing business with your company, because there is constant customer support.

What’s more, chatbots have the ability to reach out to new customers, especially on platforms such as Facebook or KIK. By being constantly active, they can reach new customers by sending information on current special offers or by targeting their specific interests.

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