Blink the Bee Commands: Here’s How Blink Can Help You Remember Everything

There are many chatbots out there, but none like Blink the Bee Facebook assistant. Without any need to download Blink the Bee, you can do amazing things with this Facebook response assistant, things different chatbots can’t even dream of. So, to help you along the way of discovering everything Blink has to offer, we present you a list of Blink the Bee commands, only to nudge you in the right direction.

Blink the Bee commands list item #1 – as simple as hello

When we say you don’t need to download Blink, we really do mean you don’t need to download Blink. Blink is always there on KIK and Messenger, you just have to know its name, and the answer will come immediately.

So, open your Messenger or KIK chat window, and just say “Hi Blink”. Simple as that, nothing more to it. Blink will answer, always eager to help, and always willing to have some fun along the way. Blink is no bore, and you will now it from the get go.

Blink the Bee commands list item #2 – list making has never been this easy

You know how you want to make a list, but you can’t find a pen or a piece of paper to write on once you do find a pen? Or, when you’re actually finished putting pen to paper, you misplace the piece of paper? It’s happened to us all, but never again with Blink.

Once Blink answers, it will automatically remember everything you type in, adding it to your daily list of responsibilities. When you wish to review the list, just type in “list”, and Blink will show it to you. You can even schedule daily texts to be sent to you by Blink, just in case.

Blink the Bee commands list item #3 – you don’t need a binder for a reminder

You only need Blink. And, again, we have to emphasize the simplicity of creating reminders with a little help from the busiest of all virtual bees. Though, we’re pretty sure Blink is the only virtual bee helping people out on Messenger and KIK.

So, besides typing in what you want to be reminded of, such as “buy milk”, add the time, the date, or the day you want the reminder to become active. So, if you type in “buy milk 3PM”, Blink will know when to remind you. And remind you it will, as Blink is never late, nor is it early. Blink reminds you precisely when it means to.

Blink the Bee commands list item #4 – Blink is advanced too

If you want to do more complicated things with Blink, you can, only easily. Made a mistake? No matter, just type the number of the item on your list and Blink will delete it for you. Want to start over? Just type in “clear” and you’re good to go, your list is blank again.

And, if you become so fascinated with Blink that you want to learn more, which we’re sure you will be, there are even more advanced Blink the Bee commands for in-depth users. For example, “!3” immediately places the numbered item on top of the list, “*3” marks the item as important, and “1&3” moves item no. 3 immediately after item no. 1. Blink can truly do anything you like.

Blink the Bee commands list item #5 – friend-sharing is friend-caring

Once you see everything Blink does, it is only logical for you to share it with friends. So, a quick type of “share” sends your chosen friends down the path of Blinkovery. Yes, it’s Blink + discovery. It’s a thing!

And, if all you want to do is share a reminder or a list with a friend, you can do that as well. You can even create super-special-awesome joint friendly Blink list together. Share the fun, join the fun, experience the fun together.

Eager to see Blink the Bee commands in action? Well hop to it then!

Nothing easier than trying out Blink the Bee, the world’s most interesting, most useful, fun, and easy chatbot. Blink helps you jot things down, reminds you when events are due, and even helps your friends remember what you need them to. So, type in “Hi Blink” on Messenger or KIK, and see just how cool Blink is!