Why Blink the Bee is Unlike Your Ordinary Facebook Virtual Assistant

Blink the Bee virtual assistant separates itself from other Facebook virtual assistants by providing features others lack, while doing so with personality. If you are familiar with the benefits of chatbots for both consumers and customers, it’s time to see why you should choose Blink the Bee.

Completely free

A Facebook virtual assistant can make your online life quite a bit easier. The things it can help you with range from everyday tasks to more complicated matters. Naturally, then, you would have to pay for such assistance.

Well, not with Blink the Bee. This virtual assistant can do all the as all the others, while remaining completely free for use. No need to pay for virtual assistance when you can choose Blink the Bee.

No download

Blink the Bee aims to streamline the experience of using a Facebook virtual assistant as much as possible. Providing users a free virtual assistant is only the first aspect of it.

By eliminating the need for download, Blink the Bee makes the process both easier and quicker. All you need to do is say “Hello” to Blink, and see how it can help you. You can use it immediately, when you want, and how you want, without thinking about anything else.

The interface

Blink the Bee resides in Facebook Messenger. That means that Blink looks like just another contact in your Messenger contacts list. No cumbersome user interface, no need to exit the application to use a Facebook virtual assistant.

All you need to do is text Blink as you would any other of your contacts, await an immediate response, and go from there. After that, Blink will remind you of any upcoming events or obligations you might have, without the need to leave Messenger.

Saves time and space

As we have already mentioned, there is no need to download Blink the Bee, as it is directly integrated in the Facebook Messenger application. This means you don’t need to allocate any of your precious smartphone storage space for this app.

We know how smartphone users struggle with finding space for all the necessary apps, and Blink the Bee Facebook virtual assistant completely eliminates that problem.

Blink also saves users a lot of time. Since there is no need to switch apps and exit Facebook Messenger, users save a lot of time by using Blink the Bee. There is no need to use another app to create reminders or to-do lists. Blink can do all that for you. Simply text it, and it will do the rest.


Using Blink is really a lot of fun. Because it is integrated in the Messenger platform, and because you text it as you would any other contact, it is only natural that it comes with a personality. Blink the Bee shines in this aspect.

Depending on the input and the request, you can expect Blink to act optimistically, ironically, politely, humorously, or even a bit nerdy. Everything it does, Blink does in style.

Also, Blink learns along the way. Not only will it stay on top of your responsibilities, but it will become your new funny and engaging friend. It can even encourage you to start exercising and develop healthier eating habits. What a bore, huh?

Share with friends

Blink keeps all your lists and reminders private until you want it differently. Imagine you and your friend are thinking about going to a concert. You can use Blink to remind your friend to buy the tickets before they are sold out.

The B-link feature of this Facebook virtual assistant allows you to easily forward specific items, lists, or reminders to your friends, creating a loop of non-forgetfulness. Yeah, it’s a thing.

Start using the best Facebook virtual assistant

Blink the Bee does all the things other virtual assistants do faster, easier, and with style. If you want your Facebook virtual assistant to be more than just a better looking calendar, than this is the app for you. Blink can make lists, create reminders, and much more, but all it does, it does differently than others. Try it out and see for yourself!

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