Why Every Student Should Use Blink the Bee

First, there were colorful post-its, then came mobile phone calendars, and now, we have chatbots. These nifty AI companions have completely revolutionized the way we organize, remember, and share information, and they’re here to stay. So, if you’re a student, still unfamiliar with the modern ways, it’s high time you found out about the best Facebook’s assistant Blink the Bee, and see what every Blink the Bee review will tell you: it is the go-to tool that will ease your everyday academic struggles!

Blink’s to-dos will keep track of all of your tasks for you

Being a student at any level, be it elementary, high-school, or university, can often make you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities education entails. It’s quite easy to get lost in it all, and not know where to start first.

Luckily, this is where Blink can step in and alleviate all your list-making difficulties. If you just want to keep track of all the academic tasks that await in a certain period, just log on to your Facebook Messenger or KIK, type in Blink the Bee, and get cracking. If you’re wondering about the role of Blink on Messenger, this, along with reading Blink the Bee reviews, is the perfect way to find out, and see how this intelligent assistant can help you organize your time perfectly.

Just type in whichever obligations you have, and Blink will remember all of them for you, ready to display them at any given time. It’s so easy it only requires a few taps on your smartphone, or a couple of clicks on your computer. Plus, you can have Blink text you when you want to, reminding you of the slowly-approaching deadline. Blink remembers so you never forget, and every Blink the Bee review praises this busy little bee’s organizational skills.

Never forget a class with Blink’s one-time reminders

Blink the Bee is not a one-trick pony, and it has some more trick up its sleeve to help you on your path to academic excellence. And, in order to achieve that excellence, you need to attend classes, right? Well, all of us have had the unpleasant experience of our workload being so huge that we forgot to attend an important lecture.

Again, enter this incredible chatbot, and its one-time reminder capability. You probably want to give Blink a try but wonder, “Is it difficult?” No, not at all. Just add a time after typing in the task you want Blink to memorize, and you’re good to go. So, “English lesson, 5:30PM Friday” is all you need to type in to make sure you don’t forget where you need to be, and when. Don’t worry, Blink’s got your back.

Blink the Bee reviews commend its collaborative skills

Finally, Blink doesn’t have to be used by you alone. If you’re involved in a group project, and you’d like your group to be efficient, well-connected, and timely with its tasks, Blink can turn out to be the perfect group leader.

If you’re using Facebook Messenger, create a group conversation, type in “?”, scroll down to the B-link section, click “Try it Out”, and share the link to the group. Now, the entire group can benefit from Blink’s organizational capabilities, and witness how great it is to have this awesome yet free FB auto-reply bot you from the stress of having to remember all of the project-connected responsibilities.

It’s pretty much the same story for KIK, just instead of sharing a link, you just type in @blinkthebee in the group conversation, and start reaping all the advantages each and every Blink the Bee user will happily vouch for.

Blink the Bee reviews say it’s the perfect chatbot for students. Try it out and see for yourself!

Many students have heard the “bzzz” calling out to them, and they have answered. Blink has helped them organize their daily academic life, and taken the pressure out of it. Blink remembers for you, Blink reminds you, and Blink works well in a team too. All you need to do is access your Messenger or KIK, and invite it to cooperate. Absolutely no need for downloads and lengthy installation procedures. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

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