Why You Need a Modern Conversational Chatbot

You might be a technophobe, advocating the imminent rise of the machines and the AI, not so eagerly awaiting the appearance of a HAL 9000 doppelganger. Well, even if that’s true, you might want to try Blink the Bee Facebook assistant. Blink is the epitome of the new age of chatbots, quickly approaching virtual assistant territory, and might be the perfect chatbot for you. There are many reasons for you to try it. If nothing else, know your enemy!

Be done with the past!

We are sad to report that not every chatbot is as sophisticated as Blink. It may be the perfect chatbot for you, but there are still many that fall short of the mark. The reason is that many chatbots are still based on tree-models and button-oriented interface.

This is the primary reason why you need to try out a proper, modern chatbot – for the greater good! Show the world that the past should remain in the past, and that every chatbot should offer a pristine conversational experience.

The only way to eliminate the outdated so-called chatbots is to use their modern alternatives, such as Blink the Bee. Not only will this make the tree-based models obsolete, it will also help polish the modern ones. How?

Well, chatbots also employ AI technology. They learn. And the only way to learn how to talk to humans better is, wait for it – talking to humans. So, not only will a perfect chatbot for you ease your everyday responsibilities, you can also take pride in helping the world toward the future!

User experience!

We have touched upon this topic in the previous paragraph, but it is now time to explain the benefits of chatbots for business owners.

Modern chatbots, such as Blink the Bee, provide an amazing user experience. They are lifelike, make jokes, and are, overall, pleasant to communicate with. All right, we know Blink is like that, the others might be sourpusses.

Now think about business. If it’s on a larger scale, you can hardly employ people that would be available 24 hours a day for customer support or promotional email distribution.

Chatbots can do all that! Plus, if you find the perfect one for you, they will communicate with your clients as if they’re human, meaning increased revenue. Why?

Because customers like to matter. They like to feel respected and valued. As much as you would like it, sometimes it’s just not possible to answer everybody’s questions, and always be there to lend an ear. If you find the perfect chatbot for you, it can do just that.

The happier the customer, the better the business. Clients satisfied with both the communication and the service will tell their friends. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to expand your business, and a quality chatbot will make sure that word is golden!

They are here for you!

All right technophobes, we’re going to convince you with this one. Or at least we’ll give it our all. In all seriousness, what exactly does this mean? Aren’t all chatbots there for the user? Isn’t that one of their defining traits?

Yes and yes. However, when we say it works for you, we go a bit beyond the usual sense of that phrase. Of course the perfect chatbot for you serves to fulfil your requirements. That’s a given.

When we say this, we actually mean something else.

For long, chatbots have been difficult to talk to. Users had to modify their language, sometimes having to restrict themselves to a series of predetermined questions, in order to get anything from a chatbot.

Nowadays, the ball is in their court. It is the chatbots who have become sophisticated enough to understand the nuances of the language we use. No longer do you need to choose your words carefully.

Type what you want, type what you mean, and the meaning will not be lost to the chatbot, not even the hidden one. Not all chatbots are at that level of execution, but many are, and the rest are catching up quickly. And, sleep soundly, they abide by Asimov’s three laws!

Want the best chatbot for you and your needs? Do you really plan on searching further?

Blink the Bee is it! Anything other chatbots can o, Blink can do it better. It can make you laugh, understand what you’re trying to tell it, and respond accordingly. It is funny, engaging, and, most importantly, useful. It can help you with your to-dos, it will never forget an appointment, and it will remind you with a smile on its virtual face.

If you want to experience the bzzz, as many other users already have, download Blink the Bee and try it out. Oh, wait, Blink doesn’t require any download! You can use it on KIK and Facebook, so why not try it today?