How to Find Your Response Assistant in Facebook Messenger

Everybody knows social media can be used to share photos and keep in touch with friends and family. But did you know that it’s also home to extremely useful chatbots that can greatly boost your productivity? Blink the Bee is one such chatbot on Facebook.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to effectively use Blink the Bee chatbot, and how to start chatting with Blink in the Facebook Messenger app.

What is chatbot technology?

Chatbots are advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs designed to replace standard graphical user interfaces. In other words, you interact with the program not by tapping buttons and managing files, but by actually “talking” with it using typed or spoken commands.

This approach greatly simplifies how you go about doing stuff. Let’s say you want to watch a popular show at the SeaWorld San Diego. Without a chatbot, you’d need to go to Google, and expend time and energy figuring out the SeaWorld schedule, the price of tickets, and how to get there.

With a virtual assistant, you just say or type: “Reserve five tickets for the San Diego SeaWorld.” The bot will get your reservations and show them to you right then and there in the chat. You can use the same system to ask it about the fastest ways to get to the SeaWorld.

How do I create a chatbot on Facebook?

First-rate response assistants like Blink the Bee are coding marvels that require a deep understanding of at least one programming language. You can theoretically try creating a chatbot yourself, but why would you go to all that hassle when Blink is readily available and super easy to use?

Blink is a fully Facebook Messenger-integrated virtual assistant that provides invaluable productivity-increasing functionalities, while also being fun to use. There is no installation needed, as the bot is already available in the messenger. Just type its name in the search function and start chatting.

That’s not where the good news end: Blink the Bee costs nothing. That’s right, the best chatbot on Facebook is 100% free to use. Type “Hello Blink” and the bot will give you a short tutorial on how to access its functions, and voila, you have everything you need to take full advantage of its many functionalities.

How Blink the Bee supercharges your productivity

Blink’s first and foremost functionality can be described in one word: lists. Making, adjusting, viewing, and sharing lists can be done in seconds. This not only makes keeping track of things easy, it also enables you to quickly coordinate responsibilities with your employees or coworkers.

Because it requires no installation or a special program to use, Blink also decreases the amount of app-hopping you have to do. These seconds you spend while switching between apps may not seem like much, but trust us, they add up over time, especially if you’re in a hurry. Blink fixes that problem.

Is Blink the Bee the top chatbot today?

It is for a reason that Blink is the most popular chatbot on Facebook – it does everything you could possibly want from a productivity-oriented virtual assistant. It can make lists, help you stay on top of your responsibilities with regular reminders, assist you in organizing work, and even make you smile with its fun-oriented features.

The fact it doesn’t cost a dime and is already integrated within the messenger app on your phone means there’s literally nothing to lose if you decide to try it out. So why not go for it? Give Blink the Bee a try and see how effortlessly it improves your productivity and your life.