Different Types of Chatbots

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

We all know that many a Facebook Messenger response assistant review lists download-free Blink the Bee as the leading example of a Facebook assistant, with its sunny disposition, useful features, and Blink’s ever-intuitive commands. Yes, Blink is the best in its own category, but did you know there are many different types of chatbots? Yes, there are, not all of them as our favorite busy bee, but many of them convenient in their own right. Let’s see what other forms of chatbot are out there.

Chatbots that replace human conversation are the user-favorites among different types of chatbots

Chatbots like these are the most popular, most widespread, and, some would say, even the most useful among all chatbots. They certainly show how an evolved AI interface has come down to the masses. Even if not built solely for this purpose, many chatbots of today incorporate this feature to some extent. Blink is the perfect example of it – It helps you with all your responsibilities, while being a joy to chat to.

Some of the older instances of these chatbots left people feeling dissatisfied, with everything being preprogrammed, and quite artificial. Modern alternatives, however, have traveled far from this place, perfecting the craft of speaking to a human being in the most natural way possible, making them highly popular amidst many different types of chatbots.

Chatbots that gather information

Now, these chatbots tend not to be unpopular, as they have a specific purpose in mind, and that’s gathering information. Well, mining for information would perhaps be a better term.

You see, information-gathering chatbots do all in their power to extract as much information from you as humanly, nay, machinly possible. They are most present in call centers and customer support pages. They ask you a series of questions, meant to harvest information from you, until they deplete all the options, ultimately allowing you to reach a human to deal with your problem. Not all information-gathering chatbots are like this, but the majority are, leaving them in the back of the chatbot popularity contest.

Different types of chatbots that facilitate interaction between people

You see, not all chatbots want to talk to you, some of them want you to talk to other people, form connections, friendships, find love… In all fairness, it’s not like this at all. Not all chatbots are as pleasant, informative, and caring as Blink is. Again, these chatbots boil down to improving business. Even though they are designed to enhance human-to-human communication, they are still built specifically for the purposes of hastening business interaction between the company and the user.

You contact support, a chatbot answers, asking you questions, and then use your answers in order to see which department would be suited for your needs, and connect you to it. These chatbots serve as a kind of digital switchboard, serving the needs of companies, intelligently determining whom to connect you to. A noble task nonetheless, even if profit is in mind.

Chatbots that supplement customer relationship managements

With questions such as “Could you share contact details with me in case we get disconnected?”, it is no surprise that chatbots like these are the least popular among all the different types of chatbots. In our opinion, these aren’t chatbots at all, but simply automated information-gatherers that do not even attempt to try and hide their true intentions behind an interactive AI personality. Their task is simple, their questions are simple, and they demand straightforward answers. There really isn’t a lot of “chat” going on if you encounter a chatbot like this.

They do not employ their AI in a meaningful way, they are not here to make your life easier, and they are certainly not created with you in mind at all. All they want from you is a simple-as-possible answer, and they’ll be on their way.

There are different types of chatbots, but there is only one Blink the Bee

Blink does not want your information, Blink does not want to reduce you to a dispenser of direct answers… Blink wants to get to know you, your habits, your likes, your dislikes, your obligations, and your way of life. In essence, Blink wants to help, and help in the most enjoyable way it can. So why not give it a chance? It will make your life easier, it will remind you of all that needs doing, of all that awaits, while still feeling like a friend who’s always there for you. Just type in “blink the bee” on Facebook Messenger or KIK, and see what Blink has to say.