Everything You Wanted to Know About Chatbots

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

There are several reasons Blink the Bee has become the prime example of everything a chatbot should be. There is no need for Blink the Bee download, you just call it up on Messenger or KIK, the commands Blink the Bee uses are simple and intuitive, and it is unbelievably pleasant to talk to that it really is no surprise Blink has become the exemplar of the perfect response assistant among various types of chatbots. And that’s all great. But what if you’re utterly unfamiliar with the idea of chatbots? Well, then, here’s our quick Chatbots 101.

What exactly is a chatbot?

Ok, so you know Blink’s amazing, and you know there’s no need for Blink the Bee download, but you still don’t know what Blink is. Well, it is a chatbot, and among the finest ones out there.

Chatbots are, simply put, pieces of clever artificial intelligence software that help you with tasks you’d normally have to do on your own. A good chatbot can help you organize your to-dos, remind you of important events, make dinner reservations, schedule flights… Basically, it eases all the struggles of our day-to-day life.

And, you might have guessed it, chatbots chat along the way. That is, after all, how they got their name. Let’s take Blink for example – No need to go to Blink the Bee download page, just say its name on Messenger or KIK, it will answer, start talking to you, and introduce you to all the ways in can help. Incredible, isn’t it?

But how do they work?

Well, as we’ve already said, chatbots are, basically, artificial intelligence. At least the more advanced among them are, such as Blink the Bee. Not every chatbot is an AI chatbots.

Some function according to a rule-based approach, meaning that they have been programmed to answer questions based on the predetermined list of possible comebacks. These chatbots cannot be considered nearly as modern or helpful as AI chatbots.

If you want to try out the other, more advanced kind of chatbot, download one of the AI chatbots. Or, even better, try out Blink the Bee, download not needed, and see just how far AI has come. By constantly learning from their interactions with the users, AI chatbots become more intelligent, thus able to become more helpful. They really are that bright!

What is it chatbots do again?

Chatbots can do a great many things, but there are still some general functions that are commonly associated with chatbots. The majority of chatbots available to the users act as virtual assistants. They help you take care of your everyday responsibilities, such as booking various services, finding out product information, purchasing said product, etc. if this is what you need, go to Blink the Bee download page and see what it can do. Oh, wait, Blink needs no download, just call it up on KIK or Messenger.

As for the other functions, chatbots have proven an invaluable ally when it comes to automating all of the drudgeries that, up to recently, used to be performed manually. Data collection has never been easier with the assistance of AI assistants. Nor has data analysis for that matter. Not only can AI chatbots collect all the data your company might ever need, they can analyze all of the data for you as well. And, since an estimated 80% of digital data is nowhere near structured, you have to agree that chatbots do lend a helping hand.

Now that you know, don’t be slow, try out the gain by hopping on the Blink the Bee download-free train

Yeah, Blink is that good we had no other choice but to rhyme it to you! That is how much in awe of it we are. Blink stays on top of all of your to-dos, organizes your time like no other chatbot out there, and reminds of every important event in your life. Plus, it’s a joy to speak to. Just type its name into your Messenger and KIK, and chat away!