Interesting Ways to Use Your Facebook Chatbot

Many people who use chatbots are only familiar with the most basic capabilities a FB response assistant provides. However, it they were to scratch just a bit under the surface, they would see imaginative new ways in which a Facebook auto reply bot frees up valuable time. So, for all those of you wondering about Blink’s purpose on Messenger or how best to use Blink the Bee, read on, and see about some of the unusual ways to put your preferred AI to use that many current Blink the Bee users are yet to discover!

Suggesting products

You’d like some new shoes, or a warm autumn cardigan, but you’re stuck on ideas? A Facebook auto reply bot, free and helpful at the same time, spares you the hassle of scrolling through endless websites, trying to find the perfect item for you. You can receive suggestions from a chatbot based on aspects such as color, brand, style, etc. and be quick to find exactly what you need.

Keeping track of the weather

If you’re about to leave for work, or are planning a relaxing picnic at the nearby park, but are unsure about the weather conditions for the day, you don’t have to look for a good forecast website. Just ask your favorite chatbot, and let it tell you if you should bring an umbrella.

A Facebook auto reply bot frees you of the hassle of planning flights

Similar to helping you find the perfect combination of clothes, chatbots can also give you ideas when you’re unsure about what the best flight to your destination is. Use Facebook’s auto reply bot and you’ll have the most affordable flight without having to look for it yourself! You can set parameters such as price range and destination, and let the chatbot work its magic from there.

Following news

Chatbots can also help you remain well-informed about all the topics that intrigue you. It can supply you with all the latest headlines from your preferred informational websites, and always keep you in the loop.

Ordering takeout & finding restaurants

If you’re the sort of person who is constantly on the lookout for new ways to ease everyday life with technology, you’re probably already using a Facebook auto reply bot free of charge. However, did you know you could use chatbots to order food? Just type in what you’d like to grab, order, and track the food as it gets nearer to your home.

The similar kind of routine can be applied if you want to eat out too. This option is also based on the suggestion-making capability of the modern chatbot, and we suggest you use that ability to the fullest. Going out to eat, know what you’re craving, but don’t know what the best place for ramen is? Type in the cuisine you’d like to taste, and watch the suggestions pop up.

“Can a Facebook auto reply bot free up more of my time?” Well, Blink certainly can!

Chatbots are improving on a daily basis, becoming more and more intelligent, more and more capable, and better and better informed. And, Blink the Bee is among the smartest and capable chatbots currently available on Facebook Messenger and KIK. It can do a lot, but it is quickly learning how to do even more than that. Stick with it, grow with it, and witness the evolution of chatbots live. If you’d like to try it out, there is absolutely no need to download. Just call it by its name, and it will answer!

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