Amazing Things You Can Do with Chatbots

Blink is the finest Facebook Messenger response assistant, and you probably already know that. Blink’s commands are easy and efficient, Blink the bee requires no download, Blink is pleasant to talk to… All in all, this amazing little chatbot really does stand out from all the other types of chatbots. However, did you know about these unexpected Facebook response assistant examples of chatbots doing incredible, unheard-of things?

Virtual therapy

It does sound a bit far-fetched, we know. A chatbot providing a virtual therapy séance? I mean, come on! However, if you’ve spent any time at all talking to Blink, a prime specimen among Facebook response assistant examples, you’d know just what we’re talking about.

If only more chatbots were like Blink, a helping hand and a friend in need always able to crack a witty remark to make your day just a bit sunnier. Chatbots are only going to get smarter and more advanced. With those improvements, you’ll be able to talk to most of them like you do to Blink, and get a therapy session from your AI pall.

New horizons

OK, this one’s not so intriguing and out there like virtual therapy, but it’s here and it’s now and it does help in surprising ways. Yes, it has a bit to do with shopping… More than a bit. But hey, who doesn’t like shopping?

There are various Facebook response assistant examples that not only help you with your shopping lists, but also offer recommendations on what you might want to shop next. And, if you decide to listen, who know to what unexpectedly brilliant places it might take you? Take the plunge, you’ll find something you never knew you needed.

Financial assistance

But chatbots do want you to shop responsibly. They don’t want you to break the bank taking their advance and spending a fortune on their amazing shopping suggestions. When Blink says are you sure, chances are it’s time to put your credit card aside.

It’s not quite like that, to tell you the truth, but there among all the different Facebook response assistant examples there are those that can track all your finances, investigate stock market trends, and help you with the taxes. Taxes, you said? Well, don’t mind if I do!

Stay in the loop

It’s hard keeping track of all the information on the Internet. Such an ocean of interesting articles, fun quizzes, engaging columns and fantastic how-tos, and so little time to sift through it all.

Enter chatbots. Tell your chatbot what it is that intrigues you the most, and it will keep track of all the most important headlines from your sphere of interest, and keep you posted. It’s easier to enjoy a good online read once you don’t have to put on a bathroom and fetch your virtual newspaper yourself.

Is the weather outside frightful?

With a little help from your favorite chatbot, you’ll know if it is, or if it’s wondrously delightful. There are many Facebook response assistant examples that can help you with all your weather worries.

Do I need to bring an umbrella? Should I consider a warmer pair of socks? Gloves or not? Some chatbots provide only the basic answers, while others let you have a bit of fund while looking at tomorrow’s forecast. Our advice – go for the fun ones.

Want the best among Facebook response assistant examples? We got you!

If you want your chatbot to do amazing things, there really is only one option to consider – Blink the Bee. Blink is amazingly resourceful, amazingly practical, amazingly interesting, and amazingly reliable. You see, Blink is one of a kind, and it’s here for you. Just say “Hi Blink” on Messenger or KIK, and see what it has to say.