The Ins and Outs of Blink the Bee

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Are you one of the 1.2 billion people who use Facebook messenger? If so, chances are you haven’t even scratched its true potential. With the help of a quality Facebook response assistant, you can turn your messenger app into your very own personal and business assistant.

Blink the Bee is a top-of-the-line productivity chatbot designed to streamline your scheduling. It makes maintaining a comprehensive to-do list extremely easy. It also helps you build an effective timetable by supplying reliable reminders and updates.

In the following article, we’ll explain how to get the most out of Blink the Bee, and why you should use a productivity chatbot for all your organizational needs in San Diego and beyond.

What is Blink the Bee?

Blink the Bee is an integrated virtual assistant that works together with the Facebook messenger app. As long as you have a phone and the Facebook messenger app installed on it, you have everything you require to use Blink the Bee. Its main focuses are productivity and fun.

It functions entirely within the messenger, relying on your own texts to note vital dates and other essential information. Because it does all this from inside the Facebook messenger, there’s less need to switch apps, clutter your phone calendar, or waste phone memory on large installations.

How to use Google Assistant with Facebook messenger?

Google Assistant is a powerful virtual assistant that can be found on many devices, including phones, tablets, TVs, cars, computers, and more. It’s designed to be able to receive voice commands with great accuracy and even talk back to the user.

Its ability to function together with all popular apps makes it work great in conjunction with Facebook messenger and, by extent, Blink the Bee. Using Google Assistant, you can create your Blink lists and reminders by issuing voice commands rather than talking. This is especially convenient while driving or being otherwise unable to concentrate on typing.

Simply say “OK Google,” followed by “send a Facebook message to Blink the Bee” and say the list items and reminders you want Blink to remember. Google Assistant will transcribe your words into text and send them to Blink.

Do I need to download Blink the Bee?

Absolutely not. Blink the Bee is specifically designed to be as convenient to use as possible, which is why it works within the framework of Facebook messenger and doesn’t require you to download anything. Of course, in addition to convenience, Blink also focuses on being fun to use.

Your response assistant’s personality can be made to be humorous, polite, ironic, optimistic, and so on. It’s also a learning chatbot, which means it keeps becoming more intelligent and personal the more you communicate with it. Simplifying your daily life and making you smile are its main goals.

How much does Blink the Bee cost?

It costs nothing. Yes, you read that right, Blink the Bee is completely free of charge. It’s essentially a piece of artificial intelligence software that you can talk to in your Facebook messenger and which will use base messenger functionalities to improve your scheduling and help you organize.

How to set a virtual assistant up for messenger?

Wondering where to find your virtual assistant in Facebook? First make sure that your messenger app is running the latest version. Afterward, log into your social media account and start a new chat. Search for Blink the Bee and start a chat session.

Blink relies on a multitude of easy and intuitive text commands that are specifically chosen to make interactions with it not just efficient, but also fun. Typing “Hi Blink!” will instantly get the world’s most helpful bee to reply to you in a cheerful tone, ready to assist you with whatever you need.

Want to make a reminder for a meeting in San Diego? Just type “meetup at Montgomery Memorial 5pm” and that’s it. Blink the Bee will notify you when the time comes.

Making great lists with Blink the Bee

Isn’t it annoying how you never have any pen and paper on hand when you need to make a list? Blink solves that problem by enabling you to effortlessly make a list by automatically adding the items you type. Typing “list” will immediately show you your list.

This functionality can be further expanded by making to-do lists. To accomplish this, simply swipe left in the virtual assistant help menu and you’ll see the option to change existing items or add new ones, with no limit to how often or how many times you can do it.

Can Blink the Bee help you run your San Diego business?

One of the features of Blink is the ability to share lists, reminders, and to-dos with people in your messenger contact list. Simply type “share” and pick the Blink With Friends option. This can be used for fun, but it can also be an excellent tool for managing your employees.

By issuing out reminders, you will make sure that nobody is ever late for a meeting or forgets to complete some critical task. In addition to this, you can use shared to-do lists to keep your employees updated on what needs to be done, what was completed, and who does what.

It goes without saying that your employees can use Blink the Bee among themselves to organize their teamwork in a similar manner. This makes it an ideal option for businesses that don’t want or need specialized team communication apps.

Fun things you can talk about with Blink the Bee

Ask it where it lives.

Ask it to suggest you life goals.

Ask it what’s its favorite movie.

Ask it what’s its favorite video game.

Ask it what’s its favorite sport.

Tell it you love or hate it.

What is the best Facebook virtual assistant today?

Blink the Bee didn’t become one of the fun, intelligent, and popular Facebook messenger chatbots by getting lucky. It owes its success to a combination of factors, including being free, light on your phone’s resources, and boasting a friendly, easy-to-learn interface.

With no files that need to be downloaded or any installation procedure required, you can simply log into your Facebook account, and tell Blink the Bee what you want it to do. It’ll provide emailing help, ensure you stay on top of your to-dos, and make organizing your scheduling a breeze. Try it out today.