How Intelligent AI Personal Assistants Save Time

Virtual assistants, like Blink the Bee assistant, can help people from all fields complete their tasks faster and more efficiently. AI personal assistants can even help people with disabilities take care of their everyday tasks. The following are just some areas where virtual intelligent personal assistants can help people save precious time.


If you’re part of the business world, and people in need of professional assistants usually are, there is a high possibility that, at one point or another, you will be tasked with various scheduling responsibilities.

This is where virtual intelligent personal assistants come into play. They can ease the scheduling process greatly, and make sure you never forget the most important of appointments. Well, they will sure you never forget an appointment, period.

Another perk is that virtual intelligent personal assistants organize the schedule perfectly. So, no more rummaging around through papers trying to find the time and the place of a meeting. Just activate your personal assistant and ask it.

To-Do lists

Corporate employees need to keep track of many business-related things at once. The more organized ones have personal agendas, while the less organized ones use the nearest piece of paper. But, what if you lose your agenda or misplace that valuable piece of paper?

AI personal assistants eliminate this predicament altogether. No more wasting time trying to remember your to-dos. Intelligent personal assistants remember everything for you. Plus, there is the possibility of recording all of your tasks by speaking to the virtual assistant, which allows for advanced multitasking.

Automating the small tasks

Because virtual intelligent personal assistants are, in essence, AIs, this means you can use them to automate many small-scale business processes. This means you can offload these tasks from your actual employees, having them focus on more important responsibilities, while your AI assistant does the rest.

Virtual assistants can handle accounting responsibilities, such a setting up payment reminders, preparing invoices, while having the ability to automatically follow up on these.

They can also help the sales department by auto-updating customer records, scoring leads, and scheduling promo calls to customers.

Virtual assistants help with marketing too, by being able to automatically send targeted promotions and welcome emails to all the email addresses in the customer database. What’s more, they can measure customer satisfaction and sentiment, and respond to their emails accordingly.

Finally, more advanced AI personal assistants can help the HR department as well. They can parse candidates, score resumes, and respond to any questions potential employees might have.

So, there are a lot of small, but extremely important tasks in any business, tasks that would otherwise demand actual employees being involved in resolving them. With virtual intelligent personal assistants, you can relieve your employees of these more menial tasks, let them focus on something more important, but still keep the machine going.

Better emailing

As mentioned above, responding to emails is a small task in itself, but, depending on the scope of the business, generating responses can take up a lot of time. Again, virtual assistants to the rescue.

Emails are becoming more and more intelligent. There are services which can automate the inbox, automatically logging calendar events, important emails, and much more, without any effort on your part.

Also, Google has recently implemented Smart Reply, an option which does not automate, but greatly facilitates responding to emails. By scanning emails, you get several reply options that you can quickly use.

This takes care of thinking up replies for less important emails. The entire process can also be automated with other AI virtual assistants, which further saves valuable time.

Save time with the best among virtual intelligent personal assistants

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