The Future of Chatbots

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

The future of chatbots is most certainly a bright one. More and more people are going to use a Facebook response assistant every day, albeit the answer to the question “How to use Blink the Bee, the best Facebook virtual assistant?” might change with time. For now, let us see what to expect from chatbots in the future.

They will continue to improve. Constantly.

Even now, chatbots around the globe are perfecting themselves on daily basis. And yes, we say they are doing it themselves because they are, in fact, artificial intelligence. It is one of the most amazing facts about modern chatbots. They will continue to grow and evolve, learn and teach themselves simultaneously, much like humans do.

All of this will happen thanks to the improvements already being made in several fields and strongly rooted in chatbot essence. Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, and Natural Language Understanding are what gives chatbots the ability to understand, ponder, and give answers to questions asked. And, as NLP, NLU, and NLG continue to perfect, so will the chatbots as well.

They will become more lifelike

Consequently, the occurrences of chatbots providing generic responses to various queries will be fewer and farther between. This means that chatbots will begin to resemble real-life conversational counterparts more and more, until, one day, we won’t be able to tell the difference.

So, the answer to the question ‘How to use Blink the Bee?’, the supreme Facebook personal assistant, will probably not change that much. It will have become familiar ground. What will change is the way you feel while using it. Blink is useful, witty, and entertaining as is, but just imagine what is bound to happen in a couple years’ time. As you discover exciting new ways to use it, the lingering feeling in the back of your mind of talking to a machine will have evaporated entirely.

More and more people will start using chatbots

Even today, not everybody is convinced that chatbots really can provide useful information and serve as an enthralling conversational partner. While this holds true for some of the less refined chatbots out there, it certainly does not for Blink.

In the future, however, as chatbots become more and more polished, giving answer to all our questions while sounding as genuine as possible, people will start getting into the whole chatbot experience more willingly. They will leave their doubts behind, and tap all their doubts in, enthusiastically awaiting a response. Well, not literally waiting – the responses are instant!

And more and more businesses will start implementing them

With demand, there has to come supply. Even if some companies of today still shy away from implementing chatbots into their business MO-s, there will be no other option for them once everybody starts demanding a chatbot-oriented customer interface.

But it will not only be because of the people wanting it. Even today, big and small business alike who have started using chatbots have witnessed a spike in customer satisfaction, sales, and revenue. It is only a matter of time before even the most notoriously old-school companies start asking how to use Blink the Bee to improve their operations.

The range of use will widen too

Today, chatbots are mostly about sales, messaging assistance, and automated response. And that’s great, because that is what people currently need the most. On the other hand, we are not fully aware of what the capabilities of chatbots might become in the future.

Right now, they’re helping people know if their desired product is in stock, or how much it will cost with shipping. Others, who know how to use Blink the Bee, have automated all their to-dos, meeting reminders, and everyday Facebook messaging tasks. In a couple of years, though, the situation might change drastically. You will be able to ask a chatbot about your account balance, credit score and viability, and perhaps even good investments.

Even hospitals might start using them, providing immediate answers to enquiries that would otherwise waste precious time of the already overburdened staff. The possibilities are endless, and these are just some of them.

The will be cheaper and quicker to make

Finally, as they continue to perfect themselves through continuous machine learning, and as more and more people and businesses start using them, the costs of developing, manufacturing, and maintaining them will lower as well.

And, since they do tend to learn on their own, and as better and better variants start appearing on the market, developers will have a stronger starting point, making the entire creation process more streamlined and efficient. For now, there’s Blink the Bee, but others are sure to follow.

Not sure how to use Blink the Bee? Relax, it’s all too simple, really!

Blink the Bee hasn’t become one of the most popular, intelligent, and entertaining Facebook Messenger virtual assistants by being clunky and difficult to use. We have strived to make our user experience as pleasant as possible, and a lot of it stems from simplicity. We have even went so far as to entirely eliminate the need to download. It’s that easy! But that in no way means Blink cannot deliver. The best way to see just how much Blink can do is to try it out. You won’t regret it!

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