Blink the Bee Can Improve Your Life: Here’s How

There used to be a time, not long ago, when an actual Facebook auto reply bot seemed like something out of the far, far future. And yet, today there are various types of fully functional chatbots that are not only designed to entertain you, but also to help you improve your day-to-day productivity.

Blink the Bee is the premier productivity virtual assistant on Facebook today. Blink is simple to use, is available to everyone who has Facebook, and it doesn’t have to be downloaded. Read on to learn more about what chatbot tech can do for you.

What is messenger Blink?

Blink the Bee is an incorporated virtual assistant that functions within the Facebook messenger app. It’s expertly designed to boost your productivity without requiring extensive setup or taking away from your device’s resources.

Blink is all about lists. Simply type words into the chat, and it will automatically make lists and save them. You can also create to-do lists, reminders, and have Blink send you or your friends daily messages.

As an added convenience, Blink is a part of the Facebook messenger itself. This means you can get all your organizing done within a single app, with no need to jump from app to app. Blink takes exactly zero storage space on your device.

How does Blink the Bee work?

Blink the Bee is already in your Facebook messenger. There is no installation or setup involved. All you need is a phone, tablet, or personal computer capable of running messenger, and you have everything you need to take full advantage of Blink.

Simply open the messenger app, go to the search option, and search for Blink the Bee same as if you were searching for people in your contact list. Once you start a chat with Blink, you will be given a short and simple tutorial that will show you how to use all the functionalities Blink offers.

From then on, you can use Blink the Bee to do a number of fun, personal, and business-related activities. Want to surprise a loved one with a funny message? Blink can do it. Do you keep forgetting to return a book to the San Diego Public Library? Blink will gladly remind you.

Some of the things you can do with Blink the Bee:

Make to-do lists that will help you organize your daily activities.

Organize reminders that will keep you from forgetting important meetings and responsibilities.

Send humorous daily messages to your friends and family.

Share lists with other people.

Use to-do lists to organize work with your San Diego colleagues and/or employees.

Amuse yourself by chatting with Blink the Bee.

Is Blink free?

You bet. Blink the Bee is 100% free of charge. Not only that, it’s also a learning chatbot, so the more you talk to it, the more it will develop its personality and sense of humor. You read that right. Blink changes its personality the longer it interacts with you.

It can be sarcastic, funny, optimistic, polite, or a combination of those things. It’s basically an AI (Artificial Intelligence) inside your Facebook messenger app that you can talk to as if it was a real person. It can serve as your assistant, or a friend, or both.

Is San Diego’s Blink the Bee the best Facebook auto reply bot?

Blink the Bee can do everything a dependable productivity bot can do, and more. It enables you to benefit from top-of-the-line virtual assistant technologies without any investment on your part. What’s not to like?

Start using Blink the Bee today, and see for yourself why everyone’s favorite bee is the finest chatbot on Facebook today.