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one-time reminders

I can tell the difference between your todos and specific one-time reminders making it easy for you to keep track of all the things you want to remember in one place.

how to use

Text me things like “walk dog tomorrow 5pm” or “call mom in 3 hrs”. I’ll add them to your list ​and remind you at the specific time.

more examples

Below are some of the ways you can ask me to set one-time reminders for you. 


“call mom at 7pm”

“at 7pm call mom”

“call mom 7pm”

“7 pm call mom”

“call mom 7”

“7:05 call mom”


“walk dog next week”

“in 2 weeks walk dog ”


“blink’s birthday 8/1”

“9/12 national chocolate milkshake day”


“in 30 minutes eat lunch ”

“eat lunch 30 minuntes”

“eat lunch in thirty minutes”


“birthday party tomorrow”

“birthday party today”

“birthday party on saturday”


“dentist appt friday 5:30”

“tomorrow 5:30pm dentist appt”

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